Top 5 Resistance Band Push-Up Exercises

Top 5 Resistance Band Push-Up Exercises

Millions of people worldwide make sure that they get their push-ups in daily, and it’s a great way to ensure that your chest muscles are strengthened. Push-up exercises can make your upper body more muscular over time, and resistance bands are also a great way of gaining muscles and get the most out of your push-ups, as well. It can also strengthen the lower back and abdominal muscles.

Why should you turn to resistance bands for your push-up exercises? Well, it’s a great way to intensify your push-up workout. Why not start implementing resistance band push-up exercises and resistance band pull up exercises to get in better shape than ever before? Of course, you should consider your form when you use resistance bands. Here are some great exercises to consider while incorporating resistance bands into your workout.

Diamond Push-Ups

Diamond Push-Ups with resistance band

There’s a good chance that you have done many push-ups in your life, but have you ever heard about diamond push-ups? This is a different kind of push-up that is meant specifically to strengthen the triceps. One of the great things about angled diamond push-ups is that they can be done almost anywhere, such as a park bench.

In a diamond push-up, it should be noted that your hands should come together to form a “diamond” shape - that’s how this push-up exercise got its name! Your index fingers and thumbs should be forming a diamond against the floor (or another surface). One of the great things about diamond push-ups with resistance bands is that you can do this exercise anywhere - on the floor in your home, against a wall, or a surface like a sofa, bed, or bench.

You will want to wrap the resistance bands across your back for this exercise but keep them in your hands. Then, you should perform push-ups at a particular angle while holding the resistance bands in place. Diamond push-ups can also be performed on the floor. This is one of the best push-up exercises in the world for resistance band pull up exercises. 

Single Leg Push-Ups

One of the best things about push-ups is that it can work out different parts of your body, and the resistance bands can make the exercise more intense. You might immediately think of chest and arms when you hear the phrase “push-ups”, but what if there was an exercise that could help strengthen your abdominal muscles and glutes, as well?

Single leg push-ups can be a great exercise, and they are even better with resistance bands. In this exercise, you can wrap the resistance bands (or band) around your back for added resistance. You will then perform a push-up, except you will raise one leg behind you to perform a push-up with just one leg.

Pike Push-Ups

Some resistance band push-up exercises are more general than others, but pike push-ups with resistance bands will do one specific thing: strengthen your core more than ever before. If you are trying to find an exercise that you can perform with resistance bands to help your core - this might be the one for you! It’s an excellent cheap helper.

In pike push-ups, individuals will keep the resistance bands wrapped around their back just like in other resistance band push-up exercises. You will get into standard form for a regular push-up, but lift your hips and back up until your body looks like an inverted “V.” It’s important to note that you may want to start without the resistance bands if you aren’t too well-versed in pike push-ups: they are a more advanced kind of push-up exercise that often takes time to master.

In order to perform a pike push-up with resistance bands, you will then lower your upper body to the floor by bending your elbows. This is one of the best resistance band push-up exercises to do if you are serious about shoulder strength. Pike push-ups with resistance bands are quite intense, and you might want to concentrate on doing 8-10 and focus on quality rather than speed or quantity. It’s the best way to build your muscles and get the body of your dream. 

Clap Push-Ups

Clap Push-Ups with resistance band

Many people all over the world perform push-ups daily to make sure that their bodies are healthy and strong. However, more advanced fitness enthusiasts believe in the power of “clap push-ups.” These push-ups are advanced and require a specific amount of power and speed. They can also be performed with resistance bands.

For those who don’t know, clap push-ups involve an individual who performs a push-up with enough power and speed to spring up off the floor at the apex of the push-up movement. Once the push-up is performed, the individual jolts upward to have time enough to “clasp” before their hands hit the ground again. Many believe that this one of much excellent resistance band push-up exercises because it helps immensely with chest definition. Clap push-ups with resistance bands are also great for strengthening “fast-twitch” muscle fibers. Ultimately, it would help if you first got used to clap push-ups before attempting to do them with resistance bands.

Elevated Push-Ups

At the end of the day, push-ups are some of the most effective exercises that one can do if they want to strengthen their upper body. Resistance bands can also lead to more strength than ever before, and even regular push-ups with resistance bands can help significantly when it comes to strengthening your chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, core, and more.

Of course, one great way to take your resistance band push-up exercises to the next level is to add elevation of some kind. Here, you will want to make sure that the resistance bands are wrapped around your back and that you are gripping a band in each hand. Also, you will need to make sure that your legs are on an elevated surface. You may have a gym that has benches for this specific purpose, but you can also perform elevated push-ups with resistance bands at home with a chair or even a stack of books. Your feet should be elevated by at least 12 inches. Your hands should be about 20 inches apart, and your arms, back, and legs should be straight.

An elevated push-up is also called a “decline push-up”, and it’s a great way to increase the difficulty by adding to the weight load. Individuals might be facing downwards when performing the push-ups, but should make sure that their arms are as straight as possible at all times.

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