Top 10 Tips Exercising Whilst Pregnancy

Top 10 Tips for Exercising During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings on a slew of mental, emotional, and physical changes. Growing a human being is the perfect mixture of beautiful and challenging. Many women struggle with switching up their everyday routines, especially when it comes to pregnancy exercises.

In many cases, you'll be able to carry on exercising throughout your pregnancy without making too many modifications or adjustments, pending approval from your physician. The green-light to continue exercising from your opinion depends on the nature of your pregnancy.

Still, most pregnant women find they can work out comfortably throughout their pregnancies. It's essential to do so safely, and again, that's something you'll want to discuss in-depth with your doctor.

However, there are a few tips and tricks for exercising during pregnancy that will keep you and your bundle of joy healthy and happy while you share a body.

Staying Active While You're Pregnant

 Exercising During Pregnancy

One of the hardest parts of keeping up with your exercise routine during pregnancy is motivation, especially in the first trimester. Exhaustion is expected during this time, and it's encouraged to get as much rest as possible.

When you start to feel more like yourself, get up and get active! Not only does an active pregnancy prepare your body for labor, but it helps your body recover from the process of giving birth.

While some believe that physical activity can take away energy from you, on the contrary, it produces a new additional one. Exercise during pregnancy saturates the body, makes it more alert, and improves both your well-being and mood for the whole day. In addition, you maintain your health and strengthen your blood vessels, as well as vital organs such as the heart and lungs.

One of the main advantages of exercise during pregnancy is the elimination of some of the unpleasant sensations that arise during this difficult period for a woman. By being physically active, you can relieve back pain, swelling of the legs, ankles, and feet. Also, let's not forget that there is stress, which is expressed in anxiety, tension, and disrupts your health. Sports can help you overcome it and provide an opportunity to improve your sleep quality.

Don't Exhaust Yourself

As a rule, you should be able to carry on a conversation while working out during pregnancy. If you're too out of breath to talk, then you may be overexerting yourself. We need to stress that pregnancy exercises do not have to be strenuous to benefit your body.

Take it easy. Go for long walks, do plenty of yoga, and swim leisurely. As long as you're moving your body, you're doing great. Do what feels right in your body at that particular time.

One day you may feel like a mile jog, and the next, you're ready for a relaxing Yin Yoga class. It all comes down to personal preference.

Every day of pregnancy causes changes in your body, so what seemed to you before an easy exercise during pregnancy can be much and more challenging.

Even if you are an avid athlete, you will still notice how balance deteriorates after 20 weeks. The reason is the rapid growth of a new center of gravity, and the body does not have time to get used to it, so the risk of falls increases. It is especially important to keep this in mind when your activity involves running or tennis.

You will find that you lose your breath much sooner during exercise, and your heart rate will speed up, but not to a critical state. You should not exercise longer and harder to fix the situation; it can only hurt.

Avoid Too Much, Too Fast

Women who don't exercise regularly may not be accustomed to intense workouts, so we don't recommend taking up marathon running during your pregnancy to control weight gain. Many women think if they start exercising, they'll fend off any unnecessary pounds.

Not only is gaining weight during pregnancy healthy, but if you jump into pregnancy exercises that your body isn't used to, injury and bedrest are headed your way. Take things slowly, and don't worry one bit about the changes you see in your body. It's normal, it's supposed to happen, and you're fine.

Warm Your Body Up And Cool It Down

The warm-up and cool-down are essential to every workout, whether you're pregnant or not. Warm-ups prevent injury by heating your muscles and preparing your body for movement.

When your body it's warm, it will be more accepting of the workout you're about to throw at it, no matter the workout type. On the other hand, cooling down allows your body temperature to lower while your heart rate steadies itself.

Your cool-down is the perfect place to grab a tremendous post-workout stretch, which can feel so good on a pregnant body. Growing babies love to sit on nerves and pressure points, so as your pregnancy advances, it will encourage your little one to adjust, making you more comfortable.

Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration during pregnancy may land you in the hospital, so make sure you're taking in plenty of fluids, especially if you're getting in a heart-pumping HIIT class or an intense Barre cardio session. Make sure your water bottle is full at all times, and take sips frequently.

Also, you'll want to avoid exercising outdoors in hot weather. More sweat means more water loss.

Communicate With Trainers

If you're a regular at the gym, don't hesitate to tell your personal trainer or class instructor that you're pregnant and how many weeks you are. If qualified, they'll know how far to push you and offer you modifications and recommendations along the way.

If you workout at home, most home workout programs offer modifications and classes designed specifically for pregnancy. Clear any plan with your doctor before beginning.

Give Swimming A Shot

Swimming is a beautiful activity to add to your list of pregnancy exercises. Swimming can provide a significant amount of relief during all pregnancy stages because the water buoyancy takes the weight off of your joints, muscles, and nerves. It feels good, and it's great for your whole body. 

There are a ton of swimming pregnancy exercises for pregnant women that you can easily learn in the pool. The main thing is to find an experienced trainer who can help you find the right exercises.

Stick To Safe Exercises

Even if you're an avid horseback rider or you excel at gymnastics, you're going to want to avoid any exercises that increase your risk of falling. The same goes for contact sports.

Bad exercises during pregnancy:

  • If you have reached 16 weeks pregnant, then you are not recommended to lie on your back for a very long time. Due to your pregnant bump's weight gain, it starts to press on the main blood vessel bringing blood back to your heart. This way, you will avoid weakness and malaise during sports;
  • Avoid contact sports activities where there is a risk of getting hit, for example, any single combat;
  • Give up scuba diving. The baby has no protection against decompression sickness and gas embolism.

Practice Core Exercises To Lessen Backaches

As pregnancy advances, it's typical for the hollow in your back to give you one heck of a backache. The focus pregnancy exercises in a slow flow pilates or yoga class will help you strengthen your core and alleviate the pain in your back.

However, don't stay on your back too long in late pregnancy, as you run the risk of decreasing blood flow to your heart and feeling faint or passing out.

Chores Count As Exercise

Chores that require plenty of movement count as exercise, such as vacuuming, dusting, laundry, and walking the dog. You're up, you're active, and you're burning calories while moving your body.

Never underestimate the power of cleaning in the form of exercise. Also, playing with your existing children is an excellent way to get in your daily activity.

When All Else Fails, Walk

Pregnancy isn't always cut and dry. Some days you'll feel great, and others you'll want to crawl into bed and sleep the day away. When all else fails, and you can't fathom fitting in a workout, walk. Walk outside, around your home, or up and down your hall. Walking increases your circulation and improves your mood, so try and fit in 30 minutes daily.

This easy-to-do exercise helps to reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth, burn excess calories to maintain the correct weight, and boost your mood and overall energy levels all day long!

Exercising Safely During Pregnancy

exercising safely during pregnancy

There are plenty of ways to stay fit and active during your pregnancy. Remember to do as much as you feel like doing. Be gentle with yourself. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing; enjoy it to the fullest.

You should immediately contact your doctor and stop exercising so as not to harm your pregnancy if you suddenly feel chest pain, dizziness, painful contractions, or faint. Also, you should not be bothered by a fast heartbeat or shortness of breath. Any symptoms of swelling and pain in the limbs and muscles are a reason to stop exercising during pregnancy.

Remember that sports should bring joy, but no troubles!

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