Benefits of Using Resistance Band vs. Free Weights

Benefits of Using Resistance Band vs. Free Weights

Dreaming of a seductive figure but do not have free time to visit fitness centers? This problem can be easily solved if you purchase the necessary equipment and equipment and start training at home. But when the budget is limited, many people have a question about which inventory to prefer. And so, in today's blog, I will try to answer the question - "Which is better? Dumbbells or Resistance Band? "

Benefits of training at home

Home workouts are:

Saving time. When you work out at home, you don't need to waste time on a trip to the gym or fitness club, so you can save many hours of your time and use it for other useful activities!

Lack of financial costs. A relevant point, especially in times of crisis. Lessons at home will allow you to save on the purchase of a subscription and the services of a trainer because once purchased, dumbbells or rubber bands will serve you for many years to come!

Comfort. At home, you can practice in your favorite pajamas, and no one will look askance at you from the side, even if the first time you clumsily perform a new exercise for yourself. Emotional calmness and comfort is something that you will not find in any fitness club filled with jocks and fitness babies.

Flexibility. You will be able to determine your workouts' frequency and duration and, if necessary, easily change their time. This is very convenient when some unplanned affairs interfere with the usual daily routine, and the training has to be postponed.

Self-development. Studying at home, you will find yourself in a situation where you need to acquire new knowledge for productive training. There will not be a coach who will invent everything for you. On the other hand, with programs like the 100-day workout, you will receive a lot of useful information in a convenient (and free) form that will significantly improve your classes' effectiveness.

Now let's move on to the main question of this article!

Resistance Bands VS. Free Weights: Which is Better?

When it comes to exercising, the tools you choose can have a powerful impact on your overall workout. One of the biggest discussions right now within the world of health and fitness is resistance bands vs. free weights. And this discussion continues as there are few definitive, clear-cut answers. It all depends on the type of workout you are after. But let's get into it.

There are pros and cons to both sides of this debate. It’s really a question of which pro and which con can be considered a deal-breaker for you and your individual workout needs. Let’s start by throwing a spotlight on the advantages of:

Resistance Bands Over Free Weights

Benefits of Using Resistance Band

Bodybuilders love their free weights. Some may even consider them to be the only tool for muscle growth and development. However, resistance bands certainly bring their own power to the party. We're going to skip the obvious non-fitness benefits of resistance bands when compared to weights (like greater convenience, space-saving, cost-effectiveness, and safety) and get right to the meat. First and foremost:


Not just literally––resistance bands provide a greater amount of flexibility when it comes to strength training. When bands are pulled in a certain direction, the direction of resistance is automatically in the opposite direction. This manipulation, therefore, lets you access different methods of training by using the same tool.

Unlike a lot of the machines and equipment found in most gyms, resistance bands place a heavy emphasis on flexibility, incorporating a natural degree of stretching into workouts. Resistance bands, specifically with light to medium tensions, can be used to complement post-workout stretching. The low-impact nature of these bands can improve your posture and overall range of motion.

Better for the body

resistance band usefulness for body

There’s a reason that resistance bands are part of many physical therapy sessions: it’s because bands cause significantly less wear and tear on the body’s soft tissues and joints. Unlike dead-lifting free weights, resistance bands do not rely on gravity and, therefore, reduce the compression levels placed on your delicate joints, thus reducing the likelihood of injury––both immediate and long-term. When you lift dumbbells, your body must take on all of that weight instantly.

With resistance bands, that same force is applied gradually, increasing in manageable increments––and the flexibility means that workouts are steadier and not as repetitive and damaging.

Greater control

Simply put, resistance bands are much easier to control than free weights––especially if you have your band anchored and/or attach handles before your workout.  

This is typical because the resistance strength of a band increases as it is stretched during exercise. This works well for first-time band users as it allows them to safely get a sense of their preferred strength (light, heavy, or somewhere in between). Even long-term bodybuilders can benefit from a band workout as having this control makes it easier for experienced lifters to determine when their muscles have reached their full range of motion before becoming exhausted.

Free Weights Over Resistance Bands

While there is a fighting case for resistance bands coming out on top due to their extreme versatility and convenience points, sometimes you really just want to get your hands on a solid piece of equipment and feel the weight as you lift. Here are some arguments FOR the benefits of free weights over resistance bands:


An indisputable fact about free weights is that you know what you are getting when you lift one. As objects, they are individually labeled and that weight is typically precise, which can help maintain a specific type of workout regimen (or, for those who are lifting following surgery or rehabilitation, it's important to know how much weight is TOO much).

Resistance bands don't have this same level of accuracy––even if they are marked with a specific strength of tension, it's difficult to gauge an exact amount.


Despite the obvious price disparity between these two methods of weightlifting (resistance bands––even the top of the line models––are significantly cheaper than free weights), one thing is true: you get what you pay for. Nothing beats the durability of a pair of dumbbells or a kettlebell or any other type of free weight, and that’s because they are built to last. Longevity is key in the fitness world, and if a tool has long-term value, it will typically be the preferred choice of experienced lifters.

Unique benefits of resistance bands vs. free weights

1. Variable resistance. The tighter the loop tension, the harder it becomes for you to pull it. Due to this, the amount of load on the muscles increases as you move along the range of motion, while the dumbbells or barbell will weigh the same throughout the entire range. It turns out that the loops give your muscles a completely different load!

2. Resistance in different directions. Unlike iron, when the load works only in one direction (vertical and directed strictly downward) due to the action of gravity, when training with sports loops, you are opposed by another force - elastic force. And this opens up fundamentally new opportunities for muscle training! You can at least lie on the floor and do exercises with a load parallel to the floor if you have any problems with the spine, and axial loads are contraindicated for you.

3. Constant pressure. When exercising with elastic bands, your muscles are under load during the exercise's entire duration, resisting the elastic deformation’s elastic force. There are no dead spots, and there are no moments when your load from the muscles passes to the joints, and they have the opportunity to rest.

4. Training in failure. If you exercise alone, you simply physically do not have the opportunity to give all your best when exercising with a barbell or dumbbells because you dramatically increase the risk of injury. For example, you might just be pinned down on the bench press, and you can't do anything about it because your muscles no longer work due to fatigue. This will never happen with rubber hinges!

Like many items made of rubber or plastic (or similar), resistance bands have been known to wear out quickly, depending on the quality. Even if a band manages to last years without tearing or snapping, they do gradually become slack and limp, losing a significant amount of their resistance strength, which can be dangerous if you aren’t paying close enough attention.

In the grand scheme of things, even if you replace your resistance bands once a year, they will still likely come under the cost of buying brand new free weights––but the weights will definitely last much longer.

Dumbbell benefits

Dumbbells, for many people, at first glance, seem to be a more reasonable purchase. But do not rush to make a final decision without reading the information below.

The advantages of this inventory are as follows:

1. Possibility of weight adjustment. You can get a collapsible view, which allows you to increase the level of load constantly. Moreover, to work on the arms' muscles, sometimes a small weight is enough (2-3 kg for a woman or a slender teenager), but you will need to use 4-5 kg ​​when working out exercises on the legs dumbbells immediately. Thus, during one workout at home, you can easily "prepare" a sports attribute;

2. Durability. Dumbbells are metal bars and pancakes in a rubber sheath. Theoretically, nothing will happen to them in 100 years. Therefore, when buying dumbbells for yourself, you also get an excellent gift for your grandchildren!

Disadvantages of dumbbells:

1. Weight and dimensions. Dumbbells are bulkier than resistance bands, so such shells cannot be taken with you on a business trip or other trips. Even pulling dumbbells outside will be problematic. That is, home workouts with dumbbells become ONLY home workouts.

2. Relatively high cost. Even though these are several iron pieces, manufacturers of dumbbells do not think so at all, and therefore, for a more or less standard set of collapsible dumbbells, you will have to pay a tidy sum!

3. Danger of injury. Metal products can be dropped on your feet, accidentally damaged flooring, etc. Besides, they are inconvenient to store. Wherever they lie, you can always trip over them, especially for young children.


Resistance Band vs. Free Weights

There’s nothing like putting in the hard work to tone your physique––and actually notice physical improvement. Now, that’s not to say that resistance bands do not offer results. However, free weights typically allow you to reach your personal best weight numbers more quickly and confidently (since, again, with weights you always know how much you are lifting), thereby allowing you to advance to heavier weights––usually in just several weeks.

This is chiefly due to the fact that if your muscles are utilized properly, and without the assistance of resistance momentum, they tend to take on their full amount. And as your muscles adapt to lifting constant weight, they ultimately become stronger than they would from working with an inconsistent weight for the same length of time. 

With that, bands are in no way inferior when it comes to strength training and cultivating muscle mass. Look at it this way: if you are training to become a bodybuilder or gain fast muscle mass, you’re likely to prefer the free weights. Resistance bands will get you there, but maybe not as quickly.


Resistance bands vs. free weights have a number of clear advantages: constant and versatile resistance, compactness and affordability, training safety. This all makes them an essential training tool for any professional athlete interested in developing their strength, endurance, and speed!

Resistance bands provide an opportunity to organize full-fledged workouts and pump all muscle groups. This equipment will be an excellent solution for women, as well as men who, for various reasons, cannot attend the gym. Having chosen in their favor, you can immediately start training, and you will exercise them with pleasure because there is nothing difficult in using the expander.

The expander is an excellent choice for home workouts, and if done regularly, the positive results will appear quite quickly.

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Benefits of Using Resistance Band vs. Free Weights

Benefits of Using Resistance Band vs. Free Weights

When it comes to exercising, the tools you choose can have a powerful impact on your overall workout. One of the biggest discussions right now within the world of health and fitness is resistance bands vs. free weights. And this discussion continues as there are few definitive, clear-cut answers. It all depends on the type of workout you are after. But let's get into it.
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