Before and After Results of Using Resistance Bands

Before and After Results of Using Resistance Bands

Resistance bands make an excellent addition to your workout routine. In addition to being portable and affordable, these bands are also incredibly versatile to use. They can train various muscle groups the same way lifting weights can.

This equipment is becoming increasingly popular. Though more people are using bands, you might ask the question, what are the before and after effects of using resistance bands?

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are loop-shaped or have two opposing ends. Sometimes they have fixed or detachable handles for different uses. All are elastic, but some are tubular or are flat. The various bands are ideal for specific muscle groups.

When you pull on a band, you feel resistance or weight that you have to work against. This resistance is what you use for exercises.

Bands come in different sizes, shapes, and different weights too. For the best results, look for bands that target the specific muscle groups you want to work on and bands that challenge enough weight for you to work against.

In most cases, you will need a few kinds of resistance bands for a complete workout. These are great tools for older folks, people who need physical therapy, and people who don't have access to a gym or weights.

Benefits of Using Resistance Bands: Before and After Effects

There are many benefits to using a resistance band. Bands are known to improve posture, increase blood circulation, decrease disease risk, improve mental health and mood, decrease the chances of injury, and improve mobility. Also, bands help increase physical strength, endurance, and improve balance.

Resistance bands build muscle as lifting weights, but they likely offer other unique benefits.

One study indicates that resistance bands offer almost the same increase in strength as regular resistance training like weightlifting—however, they offer increased muscle activation in the ancillary muscles. The study continues to say that the elastic resistance from bands is a viable alternative to weightlifting.

Due to the nature of the resistance bands, you will force your muscles to contract faster. The constant resistance that you have to work against increases your muscle control when done correctly. The effect is more muscle mass and more significant stability.

Your ability to push the resistance with your muscle groups is known as power. As your muscles grow, you can then take on heavier and heavier weight, increasing the power you have. Bands help you to develop this power in all of your muscle groups.

Resistance Bands in Your Exercise Routines

Results of Using Resistance Bands

There are four kinds of exercise experts recommend for your health.

Endurance or aerobic exercise: These activities increase your heart rate and breathing. These include jogging, swimming, or biking.

Strength or Resistance Training: These exercises strengthen your muscles, like lifting weights or using a resistance band.

Balance: These exercises help you prevent falling.

Flexibility: These allow you to stretch your muscles to keep them mobile. There are various stretches you can do to keep up your flexibility.

Resistance bands have a place in most of these categories. You can use them to increase your flexibility by using them while you stretch specific muscles. The resistance will act as an added force to your muscle, staying limber while you stretch.

Bands are also great for helping you improve your balance. There are exercises where you resist the band's pull to remain upright—this increases your stability against force.  One study shows that you can use a Thera-band (one kind of resistance band) to improve the dynamic and static balance in elderly adults.

The benefits of using bands come from specific exercises that target muscle groups for different purposes. There is a wide variety of exercises that you can do because this equipment is so versatile.

One of the best ways to use bands is in your resistance or strength training.

Resistance Training

Resistance Training

The effects of resistance bands are a result of resistance training. There are two kinds of resistance training, and a band can do both of them.

First, there is isotonic training. These exercises involve your body working against an opposing force like when you lift weights or when you power through a band's resistance.

The second kind of resistance training is isometric training. This kind of training is when you tense a muscle group to stay in place against a weight. Planks are one example of isometric exercises.

Both isometric training and isotonic training increase your ability to carry and resist more weight. You can use a band for both kinds of resistance training. Your band will help you to improve stability, mobility, balance, and protect your joints.

Selecting the Right Resistance Band for You

There are several kinds of resistance bands available today. Each kind is designed for a particular muscle group. The size, shape, and weight of the band indicate what muscles it is intended for, and how much it will resist.

Some common types of bands are therapy bands for rehab exercise, Thera-bands for lower body exercises and stability, clip-tube resistance bands that are tubular and have handles, and finally, fit loop bands with a continuous flat loop.

Think about the effect you want the band to have in regard to your fitness goals. Do you want to use your band for resistance training? For flexibility? These are questions that will help you narrow down the kind of band you're looking for.

It can help to talk to a personal trainer for a personalized workout program that incorporates resistance bands. Their advice will further narrow down what kind of bands you will need for the fitness goals you have in mind.

Final Thoughts

before and after effect of using resistance bands

Bands are an excellent way to tackle most kinds of recommended exercise you need. They offer an incredible amount of versatility and utility for your workout routine. You can build muscle but also increase your balance and flexibility. These are affordable options that any muscle group can benefit from. If used correctly, the results will be your improved fitness.

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